Snipping Tool is being replaced with Snip & Sketch, previewed in latest Windows update

I typically use Snipping Tool or ShareX for my screen capture needs, and saw today after updating Windows that Snipping Tool is soon to be “Snip & Sketch”.


  • You can still delay a screen capture. In Snipping Tool you could do 1-5 seconds. In Snip & Sketch, you can delay either 3 or 10 seconds.
  • You can copy or save from either app and paste or insert in another app
  • Once snipped you can use pen or highlighter in Snip & Sketch. Snip & Sketch allows for a more granular thickness selection, and adds “pencil” as a tool:2018-10-15_10-01-08.gif


  • If you click “New” in Snip & Sketch after already clipping something, it opens a new window and “Region selector”. You don’t have to worry about accidentally getting rid of a previous screen grab before saving it.
  • Crop is added to the editor, allowing you to trim that extra background from the border of your clippings
  • Ruler and protractor have been added for those detail needs
  • When editing, there’s an undo option (Ctrl+z) that wasn’t available in Snipping Tool
  • You can hit “Alt” and a keyboard shortcut to utilize tools (wasn’t an option in Snipping Tool):
  • You can share to more than just email receipients directly from the app, including via Bluetooth

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