If “The Good Place” had Office 365

If you’ve watched NBC’s “The Good Place,” you’ll enjoy this post that much more. My CIO loves the show and recommended it so I started watching it. And then I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t forking stop.

Seeing the hub site mega menu feature for the first time

giphy (1).gif

When a Flow works on the first test

giphy (18).gif

Trying to get AI bots to work in Teams

giphy (2).gif

When someone added the entire department to the “Owners” group

giphy (16).gif

When someone says all their forms are built in InfoPath

giphy (3).gif

Looking at the shared network drives after implementing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

giphy (4).gif

When someone says they prefer Google Drive

giphy (19).gif

But then someone on my governance committee suggests we crack down on shadow IT things like DropBox and Google Drive being used outside the organization for work

giphy (5)

The secret to high governance committee and user group attendance

giphy (21).gif

When someone visits me after an update to SharePoint breaks all the workflows that have to be rebuilt asap

giphy (6).gif

When a new app is rolled out without administrative or governance controls

giphy (7).gif

When someone has ten levels of folders in a document library

giphy (17).gif

When someone sends a link to file on SharePoint or OneDrive instead of attaching it

giphy (11).gif

When someone suggests we utilize Power BI for data visualization instead of Excel

giphy (12).gif

When an email subject line reads, “Woops”

giphy (8).gif

Trying to explain a mandatory migration to Office 365

giphy (15).gif

When someone says “search sucks” and I give up and hire Bad Janet to take its place

giphy (14).gif




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