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One year ago today, I announced and released my first-ever email course. To celebrate its birthday, I’m giving it away for FREE! I enjoyed building the course and I’m confident there’s something new and exciting in it for everyone, even a year later.

This email course delivers a healthy serving of OneNote each day, for seven days. Topics include:

  • Flavors of OneNote (multiple devices, multiple versions)
  • Audio tips and tricks
  • Working with files in OneNote
  • Image magic in OneNote, like searching text within images
  • Keyboard shortcuts to maximize your efficiency
  • OneNote + Outlook
  • Tags and Tag reports (summary pages)


  • Includes GIFs and relies on images to demonstrate tips so must support HTML message formats
  • Must allow emails from MailChimp (check spam/junk if you don’t get your first email within 24 hours of signing up)

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Don’t miss #GlobalCon1 Mar 2-6, 2020: A 100% virtual M365 conference

I’ve had a great privilege of attending Collab365 events before, such as their 24-hour global conference in 2017. I’m stunned by not only the quality of the sessions and the Microsoft professionals presenting them, but also by the technical execution and professionalism of the entirely virtual event.

Now, #GlobalCon1 is coming Mar 2-6.

Click the banner to learn more about #GlobalCon1

This year, I’ll still be cheering (and probably live-tweeting) in the audience, but I also have the great honor of getting to share my love letter to OneNote as a session. “You’re the one, OneNote!” will be part of the #GlobalCon1 lineup, and I hope you’ll be able to tune in. It’s one of my absolute favorite apps and I’ve got a TON of tips to share (as well as a recording of the session with a companion e-book included for those who upgrade from the free pass to get the all-access pass).

Of all the professional development and self-investment you’ll do this year, make the #GlobalCon1 (and 2, 3, and 4) part of your plan. The value is unmatched, and your experience will undoubtedly inspire and push you to the next level.

#GlobalCon1 Registration Links:

You can register for free (while free passes last), or upgrade to the All-Access Pass.

Attend ALL sessions in real-time, chatting with speakers while their session airs.

  • Life-time access to every single GlobalCon1 session recording (and 10 companion EBooks) 
  • plus all of the ebooks and sessions from the Collab365 Teams, Flow and Power Apps Summits.
  • Get Teams Training videos by Matthew J Bailey MVP

The All-Access Pass will eventually be $139, but right now it’s just $79 (until February 12).