How to paste a copied URL as a web address instead of a hyperlinked title

You may have noticed that when you copy a web address from the Microsoft Edge browser bar and paste it somewhere, it shows a hyperlinked title instead of the web address. For some cases, this is great – it makes your emails, chats, and documentation look more professional.

For other cases, you’d like to actually see the URL (such as when creating print/unclickable resources or wanting to promote the address itself). Luckily, there’s just a slightly different method to use depending on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Copy/paste keyboard shortcuts to show web address or hyperlinked text

Normally, you can use Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste). This is what will give you hyperlinked text instead of a web address by default. Your result would resemble

Use Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + Shift + V (paste address) to show the web address instead of hyperlinked text. Your result would resemble

I prefer the keyboard shortcuts because they can be used everywhere, regardless of the destination app.

Right-click menu options when working in web apps (browser locations)

If you’re not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, you can also right-click to copy:

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Then right-click to paste either option (web address or hyperlinked text). In this menu “Plan text” is the web address and “Link (Default)” is the hyperlinked text with the site/page title.

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Right-click or paste options in other apps (like Office client applications)

You can look in your other apps for paste options like “Keep text only” in Office apps. See the following animation to see two of the paste options action. The first is “Use destination theme” which will keep the hyperlinked text. The last is “Keep text only” which shows the web address.

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You can also find these paste options on the Home tab of Office apps:

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Change the URL copy/paste default behavior in Microsoft Edge

If you want to permanently change how Edge handles copied links, you can go to Edge’s settings and change the default behavior. To find Settings in Edge, click the ellipsis (three dots) in the upper-right corner. Then choose Settings.

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Once in settings, choose Share, copy, and paste from the left-hand menu to change the default behavior.

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6 Replies to “How to paste a copied URL as a web address instead of a hyperlinked title”

  1. UR suggestions re copyNpaste links dont work for me. Am using Win10, Office Pro 2019, Edge browser.

    I want to copy link/url from browser address bar and paste in Word2019 such that I get a clickable link BUT with full link text.

    It used to work, approx Jan-Mar 2022.

    UR CTR+SHFT+V causes error.

    Settings in Edge or Word don’t seem to make any difference.

  2. Hi Nate. Very helpful, thanks! However, I’m using Microsoft365. When I copy a URL out of the Edge address bar, and I try to paste it into an Outlook365 e-mail with Ctrl-Shift-V, nothing happens, other than I get a “bling” error sound. Right-clicking with my mouse and using that little procedure works A-OK, but it takes a lot longer than Ctrl-Shift-V would, if it worked.
    I know that some people appreciate this change, but I’m one of those folks who doesn’t appreciate Microsoft’s attempt at “helpfulness.”
    Thanks again and take care!

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