New book! MS-101 Exam Study Guide Announcement

Earlier this year, in January 2019, I wrote an MS-100 and MS-101 exams study guide blog post linking to resources to help people prep for both exams. MS-101 in particular seemed to have less available for it, and I jumped at the opportunity to change that. I’m pleased today to be able to add my own, new exam prep book to the listing.

My exam prep guide for MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security covers every single objective in the exam description and offers mock questions to help check and solidify learning along the way. Passing MS-101 is a step toward becoming an M365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert.

You can currently pre-order my guide on Amazon or directly through my publisher, Packt.

Test for basic competence in planning, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services with MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security exam guide

Key Features

  • Learn everything from mobile device management and compliance to data governance and auditing
  • Get up and running with managing device compliance, Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Azure Information Protection (AIP), and more
  • A practical guide filled with exam objective focused practice exercises and mock tests

Book Description

Written in a clear, succinct way with self-assessment questions, exam tips and mock exams with detailed answer explanations, this book covers common tasks in mobile device management (MDM) and device compliance, security reporting and alerts, threat detection and management, data loss prevention (DLP) and data governance, auditing and eDiscovery, and Azure information protection (AIP).

You’ll learn how to properly plan for, deploy, and manage Microsoft 365 services such as MDM and DLP. You’ll discover best practices in properly configuring settings across your tenant to ensure compliance and security.

By the end of this book, you’ll have covered everything you need to pass the MS-101 exam and have a handy, on-the-job desktop reference guide.

What you will learn

  • Implement modern device services
  • Implement Microsoft 365 security and threat management
  • Manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance
  • Plan for, deploy, and then manage Microsoft 365 services such as MDM and DLP
  • Learn the best practices in properly configuring settings
  • Pass the exam using the self-assessment questions, exam tips and mock exams in the book

Who This Book Is For

This book is ideal for professionals seeking the M365 Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. Audience will have already taken or plan to take MS-100 as well, and have experience or interest in administering the entirety of a Microsoft 365 tenant and its services.

Sharing my ABCs at the Kansas City Office 365 User Group Jan 14, 2019

If you’re in the Kansas City area, register for the Jan 14th KC O365 User Group meeting. They meet at Water One (10747 Renner Boulevard in Lenexa). I’ll be giving away a signed copy of my book in a drawing, and selling additional copies (also signed) for $10 (cash or card).

Can’t make it in person?  Register for the live webinar!

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Now available: “The ABCs of SharePoint: 26 ways SharePoint can enhance your digital workplace”

My first book is an expanded, more in-depth version of my 100th blog post and will be a great resource for those new to SharePoint or looking for new ideas. So, in other words, take it to Thanksgiving dinner and pass it around so you don’t have to repeatedly explain SharePoint to your family and friends.

{Insert Name}: “SharePoint? What…is that like PowerPoint?”
{You}: …”Yes.”

 Based on his 100th blog post, Nate Chamberlain presents “The ABCs of SharePoint: 26 ways SharePoint can enhance your digital workplace”. Can you think of something in SharePoint for every letter of the alphabet? This book will help you fill the gaps teach you more about things you could implement in your own existing SharePoint environments. From Automation to Zone Templates, Nate shares 26 features and topics that set SharePoint apart from any other collaborative platform.

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