Give your Microsoft 365 skillset a boost at 365 EduCon & PWR EduCon Chicago Sep 26-30

I am so excited to be presenting two workshops and three general sessions at the upcoming 365 EduCon and PWR EduCon conferences happening simultaneously in Chicago September 26-30.

  • WRK109 – Unboxing Microsoft 365: Make the most of your productivity toolbox
  • WRK502 – Build the intranet of the future using SharePoint Online
  • OFF103 – Goodbye, TwoNote: A OneNote refresher
  • PWR203 – How (and when) to use calculated and lookup column types in lists
  • OFF303 – How well do you know the Office desktop apps? 70 min of tips & ideas to wow your co-workers

I’ve included the details for my workshops (including video previews) and sessions in the rest of this post. I hope to see you there!

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I’ll be presenting two workshops at 365 EduCon Monday-Tuesday. Full details and previews below.

WRK109 | Unboxing Microsoft 365: Make the most of your productivity toolbox

  • Full day | Mon, Sep 26 from 9a-5p | Room W184A
  • Audience: Introductory/Beginner or Evaluators

Join Microsoft MVP and certified trainer Nate Chamberlain in this full day workshop for newer Microsoft 365 users or evaluators looking to better understand all the possibilities Microsoft 365 brings to your organization.

Attendees will learn about all the apps and latest features in Microsoft 365 that enable both individual and group productivity including SharePoint, Office 365 apps, Outlook, OneDrive, To Do, Teams, Lists, Planner, Viva, and more.

We’ll go beyond definitions to explore specific business use cases, tips, and FAQs such as:
• Microsoft 365 overview: What’s in my toolbox?
• Understand the relationships between apps, and how permissions and Microsoft 365 groups power your modern work
• Co-authoring documents, version history
• Requesting files from others, sharing files, and managing access in OneDrive and SharePoint
• Teams vs SharePoint vs OneDrive
• Teams conversations vs chats vs emails
• How do the newer Viva apps fit in?
& more!

Workshop preview for “Unboxing Microsoft 365”

WRK502 | Build the intranet of the future using SharePoint Online

  • Half day | Tue, Sep 27 from 9a-12:30p | Room W181C
  • Audience: Introductory/Beginner or Evaluators

Intranets built in SharePoint Online are running on the galaxy’s best platform for enterprise communication and collaboration.

In this half-day, beginner-friendly workshop, we’ll learn about SharePoint but with an intranet focus. We’ll cover tips and ideas for planning and structuring an intranet, best practices for facilitating internal communication and collaboration, how Teams and Viva Connections play into things, digitizing forms, and using the Power Platform to create, automate, and visualize throughout SharePoint.

Let’s create an intranet!

Workshop preview for “Build the intranet of the future”

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70-minute technical sessions

I’ll also be presenting three general sessions Wednesday-Friday. Details below.

OFF103 | Goodbye, TwoNote: A OneNote refresher

  • 70 mins | Wed, Sep 28 from 1:40p-2:50p | Room W185BC
  • Audience: Introductory/Beginner or Evaluators

In 2022, OneNote moves from two separate apps (Win 10 and desktop versions) to a single version, based on the desktop version (i.e. OneNote 2016).

In this session we’ll reintroduce ourselves to OneNote, learn some exciting tips and tricks along with business use ideas, and discuss what’s new and what’s coming for OneNote.

PWR203 | How (and when) to use calculated and lookup column types in lists

  • 70 mins | Thu, Sep 29 from 2:00p-3:10p | Room W185D
  • Audience: Introductory/Beginner or Evaluators

Whether you’re using lists in Microsoft Lists or in SharePoint, you may have noticed that not all column types are shown as options when adding columns via the modern UI. Calculated columns and lookup columns are quite impressive and powerful but they take a couple extra clicks to configure.

In this session, we’ll explore both column types, when and how to use them, and you’ll leave with a reference guide including many formulas across several categories to get you started.

OFF303 | How well do you know the Office desktop apps? 70 min of tips & ideas to wow your co-workers

  • 70 mins | Fri, Sep 30 from 12:30p-1:40p | Room W185BC
  • Audience: Introductory/Beginner or Evaluators

There’s more to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote than what immediately meets the eye.

In this session, we’re not learning the basics – we’re learning the lesser-known gems and useful tools tucked away inside these common apps. We’ll cover topics including image background removal, small app settings that make a big difference, cross-app integrations, illustrations vs images, Rehearse with Coach, and much, much more.

Note: This will be based on the Microsoft 365 version (not 2019 or earlier) of the Office desktop apps. While there will be some cross-over, there are features that will be covered that are exclusive to the most up-to-date version.

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How to build automated approval processes utilizing Power Automate with Microsoft Teams (Recording from MN365 Spring Workshop Day 2022)

Last month I participated in my very first Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group Workshop Day and had a wonderful time. Thank you to the organizers for all their hard work, and to everyone who attended and engaged during my session. And for those who missed it, you can now find the description and recording below. 🥳

How to build automated approval processes utilizing Power Automate with Microsoft Teams

We’ve all seen approval processes in a single organization built and implemented in a variety of ways. Sometimes, it’s a signature on a paper form. Other times it’s an email, a thumbs-up on a message, a column change in SharePoint, etc. So how can we standardize these approval processes using Microsoft Teams?

In this session, we’ll do a deep exploration of Approvals powered by Power Automate and used with Forms, SharePoint, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. You’ll see how to create custom, shared approval request forms your whole team can use, as well as email-only approval processes for those simpler needs. We’ll also cover some best practices for rolling out new processes, training users, and understanding approval history and management.

You can watch the recording here (90 mins) or embedded below:

Also be sure to connect with the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group socially:

And thanks to MN365 for the speaker gift! 🤩

Next generation OneNote: Two become one at Kansas City M365 user group (Recording)

I presented the following session for the Kansas City M365 User Group on Valentine’s Day (2/14), 2022.


In today’s world and the current corporate situation numerous enterprises have rolled out OneNote went from a single app to two apps (OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10), but is now returning to a single app once again thanks to advances in Windows and Office. This session will share the latest OneNote news, help prepare you for the shift back to OneNote (formerly OneNote 2016), and highlight some of the best features OneNote has to offer for individuals and teams taking and sharing notes (and more!).


All you need to know about Microsoft Lists (Recording from Wisconsin SharePoint User Group)

My colleague Mickie Brewer and I recently had the privilege to co-present an introduction to Microsoft Lists at the Wisconsin SharePoint User Group. We highlighted and demonstrated all the main concepts of Microsoft Lists in an hour including:

  • List templates,
  • My Lists vs SharePoint,
  • Teams integration,
  • Columns and views,
  • Conditional formatting,
  • Connected web parts,
  • and much more

Alex Lorenzo also presented “Site templates and site scripts for site provisioning in modern SharePoint” after our segment (included in recording – check it out!).

Thank you to WISPUG co-organizer Anthony Escobedo for the original invite, co-organizer Jonathan Schultz for facilitating and sharing the recording, and co-organizers Drew Madelung and Matt Engibous for providing such an awesome opportunity for their group members and visitors to learn with and from one another on a regular basis.

Be sure to check out WISPUG’s upcoming events and recent tweets using their hashtag (#WISPUG).