My OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams online training course is now available as a YouTube playlist

This year I released my free Collaboration in Microsoft 365 training course that covers the essentials of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams – the collaboration core of M365. I’ve also just made it available as a YouTube playlist to make sure the content is available to the broadest audience and doesn’t require enrollment or prerequisites.

So when should you use which?

The course itself has more than just the video lessons. I’d recommend enrolling in the actual course for all 30+ video lessons as well as discussion and Q&A forums with me and the other students, quizzes to check your learning along the way, and a completion certificate. It’s also a fun thing for teams to enroll in and go through together. And even if you just do the 2-week free access to knock out the quizzes and get the certificate, you’ll have access to the videos on YouTube forever.

You can also just go through the YouTube playlist (4+ hours total) and use the individual videos to:

  • Skip to and learn topics you’re less familiar with
  • Share important topics and tips with coworkers easily
  • Embed specific videos for your LMS, Teams, SharePoint, or other internal training resources
  • Enhance your presentations and training efforts with in-the-moment learning videos, or as a reference to share after an engagement for continued learning or refreshers

No matter how you choose to learn and share Collaboration in Microsoft 365, I hope you find it valuable and enjoy the experience as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Introducing my free Collaboration in Microsoft 365 online course

The most important thing for me in my MVP contributions is doing my part to share free information and resources with the community. Sometimes that has meant speaking at a free event or user group, posting blog tutorials, or helping connect learners to resources via social media or email.

Lately I had been wondering how I could level up my impact since I’m not speaking at as many events these days (as with many of us). How could I provide “session-like” experiences online, but beyond just a one-time user group or virtual event? I wanted a way to connect to learners in new ways, and to do something unique.

After much research and seeing some inspiring examples in the MVP community (such as the Excelerator course and the RADACAD Academy), I decided I’d try my own hand at a self-paced, online course.

I’m thrilled to announce my Collaboration in Microsoft 365 course launching at

There are so many great learning experiences are out there – some are free (like Microsoft Learn) and others come at a hefty price point (like large conferences and subscription services). I’m excited to offer this to learners for free, because free access to information and learning is near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if there weren’t free opportunities for me along my own path.

I'm just getting started and plan to expand and release more content and layers of experiences in the future. But for now, the course includes:

  • 30+ video and text lessons on OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams created by yours truly
  • Discussion threads on each lesson, and a learner Community for general questions and Q&A that don't fit into a single lesson
  • 3 product-focused quizzes with 10+ questions each, and one final exam with another 30+ questions
  • A course certificate upon completion

If you find value in the course and are able, I do have a $25 "tip" option at enrollment to help defray the expenses that go into creating a course like this. You can also donate a different amount here. I appreciate your support and your kindness immensely. Thank you for being a part of my community.

And if you're looking for something more or are interested in live, instructor-led training (in-person or virtual) for your organization, the M365 team at Centriq Training in Kansas City would love to work with you to deliver tailored and effective training solutions that meet your specific needs.