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In keeping with a tradition I started last year, I’m sharing the top 10 posts of 2019. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to share with the community (and, admittedly, document things I might forget otherwise). It’s been a pleasure and privilege to have this platform – thank you for reading.

The following includes the ‘Top 10’ most popular posts by views published in 2019:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 “plugged in, not charging”
Alas, I reached a day where I thought I was done with my Surface. It powered on when plugged in
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Open a SharePoint Library in Windows Explorer and save it to Quick Access
If you can’t sync a library, or prefer not to, you can pin the web location of a SharePoint form, media,
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“Unable to connect” error when accessing SQL database in Power BI Desktop
When attempting to access a SQL server/database in Power BI, you might get the following error message: Unable to connect
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Add a new OneNote notebook to a SharePoint site
If your SharePoint site doesn’t currently have a notebook (most likely stored by default in “Site Assets”), you can add
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MS-100 & MS-101 Exam Study Guides
Update 10/14/2019: My MS-101 exam guide is now available for pre-order. Also, the courses previously listed below are no longer
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Flow now supports multiple condition controls for advanced if/then scenarios within a single step
Say goodbye to nested if/then statements in Flow taking up fourteen monitor widths. Flow now supports nested if/then statements all
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Add a print button to SharePoint list items
One of my more popular requests is an easier way to print list items (either to PDF or paper). Using
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Power BI refresh error “could not load file or assembly…provided impersonation level is invalid”
Short version Run Power BI Desktop as administrator before opening the report. Explanation/Scenario Recently, when opening a report from Power
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Export SharePoint group membership names and email addresses to Excel
Before we start, if you’re just wanting to email all members of the group you can “select all” then choose
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Add or subtract hours from date/time values in Power BI using M formula in Power Query Editor
Previously, I shared how to transform date/time values in Power BI using DAX. But I’m working on building more using
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Top 10 posts of 2018 on

Thank you, friends, for making 2018 my best blogging year yet. I enjoy sharing what I learn along the way, and am glad to know it’s being found useful.

The following includes the ‘Top 10’ most popular posts by views published in 2018:

Solution: “We’re sorry. We can’t open {file} because we found a problem with its contents.”
When using SharePoint Designer workflows to automatically create documents from a template you might run into an error message: “We’re
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Customize styles/formatting of SharePoint list column header rows
Note: This post applies to on-premise/server lists or O365 lists set to “classic” view. This will not work on modern
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How to resolve SharePoint list view threshold error: “The view cannot be displayed because it exceeds the list view threshold…”
SharePoint lists have a default limit of 5,000 items per view. But lists can contain 30 million items (just not
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How to create a SharePoint Governance Plan (includes template)
What is governance? The Burton Group says “Governance uses people, process, technology, and policies to define a service, resolve ambiguity,
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Using today’s date and/or current time in calculated columns and list view filters
I previously shared how to create a “Today” column in SharePoint that would always be up-to-date even if list items
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Embedding Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) reports in SharePoint
If you’re on-premises and looking to embed a Power BI Report Server report in SharePoint, you’ll find it’s not as
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How to create a powerful date table or DateKey in Power BI
DateKeys are essential for relative time measures. In “manage relationships” you tie the ‘DateKey' to a date field in each
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View and share Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) reports full screen
The O365 Power BI Service has an easy “expand” icon on reports to make them full screen whereas Power BI
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Intro to conditional formatting & rules/validation when customizing SharePoint new item forms with PowerApps in Office 365
This is my intro to conditional formatting & rules/validation when customizing SharePoint new item forms with PowerApps in Office365. The
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Show last modified date for a SharePoint list without using code
How to display last modified date for a bulk-updated list in SharePoint without using code.
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