Speaking at SharePoint Saturday St. Louis on January 20

Happy new year! My first speaking engagement of the year is coming up January 20th at SPS St. Louis. If you’re nearby, be sure to register (it’s free!) and check it out on Saturday, Jan 20. Here are the three sessions at which you’ll find me:


All that Hype About Content Types
Level: 200
Track: Digital Workplace solutions (intranets, extranets, portals, etc.)
     Goodbye, content management night terrors. This demo-centric session takes attendees step-by-step through creating “content type buttons” their end users can use to easily upload documents of a certain…content type. With one click, users select the appropriate category (or content type) and then upload their document which, through content types, will seek the appropriate metadata and workflows it deserves. The beauty of it is end users never need to know they dabbled in content types at all.


Building the Intranet of the Future: Using SharePoint to Empower Collaboration
Level: 100
Track: Digital Workplace solutions (intranets, extranets, portals, etc.)
     Automation, organization, incredible search capabilities and user interactivity; all things your organization can have in choosing to build an intranet with SharePoint. We’ll discuss avoiding File Dump 2.0 by exploring best practices in internal communications and collaboration via intranets, rethinking forms and minimizing busy work by utilizing automation capabilities in SPD workflows and Microsoft Flow and designing intuitive navigation.


Let Microsoft Flow and SharePoint Designer Workflows Do the Work
Level: 200
Track: Digital Workplace solutions (intranets, extranets, portals, etc.)
     Your team members would appreciate getting some time back. Give it to them in ten minute increments here, thirty minutes there by using Microsoft Flow and SharePoint Designer to build them thoughtful workflows that range from simple one-steppers to more complex and conditional multi-stagers. We’ll discuss when to use which platform and see demos of each.

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