How to organize, copy, and move files in OneDrive for Business (Video)

Learn how to manage your OneDrive files through organization, copying and moving, and more in this lesson.

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Organizing, moving, and copying

  • In OneDrive, you can use folders (whether uploaded or created from the New button) to organize files. You can have multiple levels of folders.
  • You can drag-and-drop files into and out of folders (use the breadcrumb menu to drag files up a level).
  • Select files and/or folders and use Move to and Copy to to move files inside or outside your OneDrive. If moving or copying files outside your OneDrive, you can select a SharePoint site’s document library as a destination. You can also create new folders from the Move to and Copy to panels.

Sorting, filtering, and searching

  • Use column headers in My filesRecent, and Shared to quickly group, sort, or filter your files.
  • Use view settings (upper right) to change sort or style.
  • You can use the filters pane in Shared to narrow down results and find what you’re seeking more quickly.
  • You can use search to find files quickly as well – it searches file names as well as their contents.

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