Celebrating my third year as a Microsoft MVP

I’m honored and excited to be awarded Microsoft MVP in Office Apps and Services for my third consecutive year. Thank you to everyone in the community who invited me to speak, co-create, and be a part of your circles. I am energized and fueled by the passion you all have for empowering people to reach new heights using technology.

A big shoutout to the program leads for organizing wonderful events and dealing with a pandemic with professionalism, compassion, and grace.

I look forward to sharing and learning more with you in the coming year, and I wish you and your loved ones health and happiness.

How to delete all comments from a Word doc at once

If you’re collaborating with others on a Word doc, you may reach the end of your revisions and be left with many comments in the document you’d like to remove for the final version. Rather than delete each comment one-by-one, you can simply delete all comments in the document at once in just three clicks.

  1. Click on the Review tab from the top menu
  2. Click the arrow under Delete (in the Comments group)
  3. Choose Delete All Comments in Document
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