Show last modified date for a SharePoint list without using code

listmodified.JPGSo you want your viewers to know the last time data was refreshed or updated in your SharePoint list without having the list’s default “modified” column repeating the same date hundreds of times and taking up horizontal space.

There are a number of solutions out there to show the date a list was last modified using code. This solution provides an option best used with lists you bulk update, or copy and paste to replace all data regularly, but requires no coding. It basically pulls out the “last modified” date of your first list item and displays it at the top as seen above. This solution is not for you if you are updating only specific items within a list.

  1. Edit page of the list you’re working with
  2. Add a web part
  3. Find the name of your list under the “apps” folder under categories. Select it.
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Edit web part
  6. Under “List Views” change “Toolbar Type” to “No Toolbar” & Under “Appearance” change “Chrome Type” to “None”
  7. Select “Apply”
  8. Under “List Views” select “edit the current view”
  9. Uncheck every box under “Columns” except for “Modified”
    Note: Use “Created” instead if you have any workflows running that might change the date automatically such as a “today” column workaround. This is only helpful when you’re bulk-replacing (copying and pasting) data. 
  10. Expand “Style” and select “Basic Table”
  11. Expand the “item limit” section and change “number of items to display” to 1 and select the “limit the total number” radio button
  12. In the Mobile section, uncheck “enable this view for mobile access”
  13. Click OK
  14. That should give you something like this. If, for some reason, it adds additional columns, just “edit the current view” again and uncheck all but modified.


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