Create old web part page instead of using SharePoint framework’s new page experience


The new SharePoint framework has a lot to offer in the way of development possibilities and user-friendliness. Creating a page using their new default page experience seen above is much more intuitive, inherently mobile-friendly and easy to whip together some decent-looking dynamic content in just a few clicks. But this new experience doesn’t allow for adding web parts like you may be used to. And customizing layouts isn’t as accessible as it once was. The following few steps will allow you to create a page that utilizes familiar layouts (columns and sidebars) and web parts.

  1. Go to Site Contents
  2. Go to Site Pages
  3. Click “New,” then “Web Part Page” (concrete layout) or “Wiki Page” (traditional default blank canvas).
  4. If you chose web part page, you’re then prompted to make some selections for page name, layout (which is difficult to change later, so choose wisely) and where to save the new page. Click “Create” once you’ve made your selections.
  5. Your new web part page is ready to edit. If you chose web part page, Notice no “text layout” option in the ribbon. Wiki page will provide that option as the usual default had been.


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