Alerts/notifications for SharePoint site newsfeed webpart posts & replies


One of the greatest business value features of a site newsfeed webpart would obviously be to know when people are participating, asking questions, etc. This way moderators or other interested parties could go in and respond in a timely manner. And while there’s no straightforward way to get these notifications from the webpart itself, there’s a workaround. Follow these steps once you have a newsfeed webpart on your site (by default, most team sites have them already).

  1. Go to Site Contents
  2. Click on MicroFeed
  3. Depending on what’s on your site, you may just see one hyperlink. If there are multiple, post something to your newsfeed and click through the different hyperlinks until you see your post activity after clicking on one.
  4. Click “list” from the ribbon menu
  5. Click “Alert Me” and “Setalert on this list”
  6. Make sure all the settings look good for your needs (frequency, conditions, etc.). Click OK.
  7. Go to your newsfeed and make a test post to check your alert.
  8. You should receive an email alert with the contents of the post or reply.

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  1. If you look at the content and the design of the e-mail alert. Your are wondering why users are not getting excited by the default Alert Me functionality on a microfeed :-s

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