Reverting to default SharePoint new item form instead of PowerApps custom form

Maybe you’ve made a PowerApps customized form but want to switch back to the original SharePoint new item form. Here’s how:

  1. Go to list settings
    • In Modern view lists, click the settings wheel and “List settings.”
    • In classic view lists, click “List” from the ribbon menu and “List settings.”
  2. Click “Form settings” under General Settings
  3. Select “Use the default SharePoint form”
  4. OK

If you wish to delete or remove the PowerApps form from the list completely, after you’ve selected “Use the default SharePoint form” you can click “Delete custom form” under the PowerApps option.


9 Replies to “Reverting to default SharePoint new item form instead of PowerApps custom form”

  1. I reverted toi the default form but then wanted to revert back to my custom form but despite making the setting changes I still only see the default form, I tried republishing but that didn’t work.

  2. Great help! Thanks.
    I’ve created a view style and there I can’t see Edit in Grid View. Can you also help me with that?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Ana, certain view settings (like grouping) don’t allow edit in grid view. What view settings have you used?

  3. Hi I don’t have that option – it says there is no content type for the form – the form was previously opening in modern on the right with no issues

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