Embed quizzes and/or results in SharePoint using Microsoft Forms

Asset 1quiz.pngThis morning I looked around for either pure javascript or custom service solutions for trivia or quiz embeds for SharePoint. The out-of-the-box survey web part wouldn’t allow the kind of features I needed such as showing a message upon submission about correct and incorrect answers, and I wanted something more robust than a newsfeed or Yammer quiz. I also wanted users to easily be able to change their own quiz questions and answers and no high-maintenance code solution was going to cut it.

What I learned? There aren’t a lot of free solutions out there for quick quiz creation and embedding in SharePoint. And the ones that are out there don’t look the greatest. Then I remembered Microsoft Forms has a quiz function! Don’t these look great? Even better – you can embed in SharePoint Server/On-Prem or SharePoint Online/O365!


Microsoft Form’s quiz capabilities are incredible. In five minutes you can create a quiz that looks good, is easy to update and has features ordinarily only available with a premium subscription through other services. And as seen above, you can embed the results as well, making voting fun or showing a group how everyone is performing as a whole on a topic quiz. Here are some of the great features you get with Microsoft Forms:

  • Branching logic
  • Messages shown upon submission with more info or about the correct answers
  • Point values awarded per question
  • Post ranking of responses
  • Sharing
    • Share a link to take the quiz, a QR code, embed it or email it directly from Forms: try taking my test quiz!
    • Share a link that will duplicate a quiz for someone else to create (essentially sharing a template): check out this example.
    • Share a link with graphical response summaries: check out this example.
  • Public or private to your organization, allows anonymous submissions
  • Randomize question order, but lock certain ones
  • Get email notifications of each response or none at all (or use Microsoft Flow to send you weekly email reports of responses)
  • Choose start and end dates
  • Hyperlink support in questions and subtitles/descriptive text

Create a Quiz

  1. Go to https://forms.office.com/
  2. Sign in with an existing O365 account or create a new Forms account
  3. Click “New Quiz”
  4. Click “Untitled quiz” to name your quiz. You can also insert a square logo/graphic and subtitle
  5. Click “Add Question” and choose your question type (choice, text, rating or date). The ellipses offers two additional types (ranking & likert). Choice and text work best for quizzes. If text, you can enter multiple possible correct responses and they’re not case-sensitive.
    question types
  6. Type in question and possible choices if “Choice”, or correct answers if “Text”.
  7. On choice questions, click the “checkmark” to mark the correct answer (green box below) and choose the “word bubble” to type in a message to give users who select that choice as the answer.
    question options
    When you add messages to choices, respondents will see your message beneath their selection after they submit all responses.incorrect message
  8. Continue adding questions as you please.
  9. Check out all your options and settings in the “Share” tab.
  10. Check out the rest of your settings:



Embed a quiz in SharePoint Server/On-Prem

Note: Also use this method in SharePoint Online/O365 if embedding on a classic/wiki page (not modern experience).

  1. With your form open in Microsoft Forms, click “Share”, the “Embed” icon and “Copy”
  2. Create a script editor web part where you’d like to place the quiz.
    script editor
  3. Edit the web part
  4. Edit Snippet
    edit snippet
  5. Paste the copied code, adjusting the default height of 480px to a height that fits your space appropriately and shows more of the quiz. Click OK.
    insert snippet
  6. Save/publish your page!

Note: If you want to embed responses in Server/On-Prem or classic pages, use the “summary link” from your responses page in a “Page Viewer” web part in SharePoint.

response link

Embed a quiz in SharePoint Online/O365

  1. With your form open in Microsoft Forms, click “Share”, the “Link” icon and “Copy”
  2. On a modern page, click to add a web part where you’d like and choose the “Microsoft Forms” web part
  3. Paste the copied URL in the right pane and choose whether you want to see a summary of responses, or allow people to complete the quiz in the new web part.

The following shows the comparison between the embed web part on a modern page (adds a scroll bar, doesn’t look as clean, requires you to input dimensions manually to improve) and the two Microsoft Forms web parts (much cleaner, resizes dynamically to fit available space.

Publish your page and you’re done!

Ready for more? Challenge yourself with Flow possibilities.

  • Set up a flow to collect responses on a weekly basis and send you the spreadsheet
  • Set up a flow to notify you whenever someone scores lower or higher than a certain threshold
  • Ask for email as a “text” field, don’t enter any correct answers, and then email respondents a summary of their result and more information about the topic of the quiz. If you’re only sharing your quiz inside your organization (not anonymous) you don’t need to ask for email as people will be signed in to take the quiz and you’ll get their email automatically.

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  1. Could you explain how you achieve “Set up a flow to notify you whenever someone scores lower or higher than a certain threshold”? I can’t seem to find the total score in Flow. Thanks

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