Rearrange OneNote 2016 so pages pane and sections are visible on left

Updated June 2023: Check out my new post on moving OneNote section tabs and pages to the left for a better method of accomplishing this.


This post illustrates how you can accomplish adding sections to the left pane, and moving the pages pane from the right-hand side to the left as seen above.

Move Sections from Top to Left

In a recent training session, I was asked if it were possible to move sections from the top to the left in OneNote. The answer is “sort of”. We can get sections on the left also, but we can’t get rid of them from the top. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Double-click the name of the notebook visible in the upper-left hand corner:



Click the notebook drop down and then the “pushpin” icon.


Move Pages Pane from Right to Left Side

  1. File
  2. Options
  3. Click the display tab
  4. Check the box for
  5. Click OK


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  1. I already found the check box for “Page tabs appear on the left” , however, it has no effect, it doesn’t matter if i check or uncheck it, the Page Tabs remain on the right 🙁

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