Securing information by setting item-level permissions in SharePoint without workflow

SharePoint Designer is a fantastic workflow builder – but sometimes, if your workflow isn’t built correctly, implementing item-level permissions via workflow could fail and leave your submitted information or documents vulnerable to data spill. A safer, more reliable method is to use out-of-the-box (OOTB) item-level permissions.

This OOTB method is great because it applies to all items, former and future, while workflows would need to be triggered for previous items to be set. This becomes tricky to do retroactively when your lists could already have thousands of items. This OOTB method is also not dependent on other steps or actions that could fail, as it might be in a workflow.

  1. Go to your list or library for which you’d like to activate item-level permissions
  2. Go to list or library settings
  3. Go to advanced settings
  4. Change the item-level permissions section as you’d like and save:

Now because you may need to review all items as an administrator or manager, or if you have a review group on a team who should have access to all items, they’ll need “cancel checkout” permissions as mentioned above. Learn how to check that in this post.

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