Use Microsoft Stream to live stream your events

I just found out that Microsoft Stream now allows users to live stream events (preview). Once an event is finished, the recorded stream includes face detection so users can skip ahead to a certain speaker as well as automatic and searchable closed captions. Whenever you have an opportunity to stop paying for a third party product and use what you get included in your tenant, I think it’s worth giving it a try.

Note: Video tutorial at bottom of post.

Here’s how to enable Microsoft Stream for live streaming (must be an admin to enable):

  1. Go to admin settings
  2. Only admins and unrestricted users can live stream. To add admins (on admin panel):
    or, more often the case, unrestricted users (on live stream panel):
  3. Once you’ve added yourself or a user in either place, they’ll then have the “Create –> Live event” option available
  4. Enter settings/options for your live stream and click “Save”
  5. If you, like me, don’t have one of these suggested encoders you’ll need to setup your encoder manually.
  6. No matter which encoder you have, click “Start setup”. It will take a moment to prepare itself – wait until it completes.
  7. If you have one of the suggested encoders, you can download the preset file it gives you and import that into your encoder.
    If you don’t have one of the suggestions, you’ll need to figure out where in your encoder you’re supposed to paste ingest or RTMP URLs to setup a new output and begin a new broadcast using that output. Here’s how to do it using XSplit Broadcaster. If you’re not using XSplit, skip to step 14 once you’ve created your new output using the provided ingest URL (see step 11).
  8. In XSplit, if you haven’t used the RTMP plugin, you’ll need to first install it by going to “Broadcast –> Set up a new output –> Find more outputs”.
  9. Search for RTMP, select Custom RTMP and install the plugin.
  10. Once installed go to “Broadcast –> Set up a new output” and select “Custom RTMP”
  11. This is where you’ll paste the ingest URL from Microsoft Stream. Make sure you’ve copied it from your Stream window:
  12. Enter a channel and stream name and click OK.
  13. To begin the broadcast, go to “Broadcast” and select “Custom RTMP – ChannelName.” This will remain an option if you want to stream to this channel in Microsoft Stream again in the future.
  14. Your stream will automatically begin now in Microsoft Stream. When finished, you can click “End Event” within Stream

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