Using YouTube with Microsoft Flow

Exploring Microsoft Flow, I noticed you can connect to YouTube. So, naturally, I had to try it out.

The Good

There are three great triggers you can use:

  • Perform an action when a channel uploads a video
  • Perform an action when you upload a video
  • Perform an action when a new video matches a search


The Bad

There are NO actions. Meaning, you can’t do anything with the YouTube connector after the trigger step.


The Awesome

There’s always a workaround. For my purposes, I wanted a “button trigger” that would go out and get a playlist from YouTube and write the video titles and links to daily tweets or a SharePoint list. This is an easy way to create a resource library. Cultivate a playlist, get the RSS feed for it and have it write the items to SharePoint for you.

  1. Go to the YouTube playlist and copy the URL. For my example it looks like:

  2. Replace everything before the = sign with

  3. End result should resemble

Then in Microsoft Flow, you can use an RSS connector to get RSS feed items and use the result how you like!

And we have to circle back to the “when a new video matches a search” trigger. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Notify me when my favorite fandom is the subject of a video
  • Add new videos with “SharePoint 101” in the title to a SharePoint list. Start an approval process, and if approved add the video to our resource library
  • Collect videos that are about Lawrence, Kansas or University of Kansas for a research project I’m working on

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