New Modern Page Title/Banner Layouts in SharePoint Online/O365

Recently, SharePoint Online/O365 (and soon SP 2019?) released an upgrade to the page title area of modern pages. Previously, the header area of a page was restricted to a banner image and text. Then they released an update that allowed customizing the image. Then removing the image. Now we’ve leaped ahead and you can choose from four layouts:

First edit the modern page and click the “Edit” icon on the title area:

Select a layout & alignment

Image and title


Color block


Add “tag” text above the title

Show published date

Don’t forget to save your changes and publish your page when finished.

6 Replies to “New Modern Page Title/Banner Layouts in SharePoint Online/O365”

  1. but seriously, how hard would it have been to include an page title area off “NONE” – because sometimes – despite the heavy-handed opinion the SP team – that is what your requirements are. I so tired of MS’s forking bs that i’m counting the minutes until i retire from all this crap.

  2. It seems that Microsoft have no plans to implement new features like this in SharePoint 2019. Just security and bug fixes. Sure, SPO is their main priority, but this is a kind of feature they should be able to quite easily roll out to their on-premise customers….. 🙁

  3. Hello, How do I re-add the Title Region banner to a modern page? It has been deleted and there is no we part for this to be re-added? Is there a way to do this? many thanks.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this update to get release to my tenant for awhile now, but hugely disappointed we can’t remove the page header all together. We have some pages where we don’t want any header area at all. If we set the settings to “plain” and remove all the text, then we wind up with a huge white area that looks like wasted space. We’ve been trying to get rid of the wasted space for so long, and now after this update we still can’t get rid of it. Ugh!

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