Move an existing OneNote notebook to SharePoint

Many of us have been there. You have an awesome notebook, your committee wants access, but you stored it on your OneDrive for Business or local machine. How do you move it to your team’s SharePoint site?

In the following tutorial, I’ll show you how to replace the “default” Notebook on a SharePoint site with your pre-existing notebook.

Delete default notebook in SharePoint

(if applicable, and if unneeded. You could also just “overwrite” it by saving your new notebook with the same name, in the same location.)

  1. Go to the library in which the SharePoint site’s notebook is stored (e.g. Site Contents –> Site Assets)
  2. Delete Existing Notebook (check and delete, or use the ellipses menu)

Move pre-existing Notebook

  1. Copy URL from Site Assets or library in which you’re placing your notebook
  2. Open existing notebook on desktop (client)
  3. File –> Share –> Other Web Locations –> Browse
  4. Paste copied URL in save dialog’s address bar, deleting everything after the library’s name
  5. Hit enter to navigate to the library
  6. Rename notebook if you wish
  7. Click Move

Update any navigation links

(if applicable)

Depending on your settings, there are two ways you might update a URL. If you don’t see “Edit Links” on the menu where you’re placing this, you’ll need to go through site settings:

  1. Copy URL of new notebook
  2. Site Settings –> Navigation
  3. Select Notebook –> Edit
  4. Paste new URL
  5. OK


  1. Copy URL of new notebook
  2. Click “Edit Links” on the menu on which you’re placing the link and modify the existing Notebook link (or add a new one)
  3. Paste URL and click Save

4 Replies to “Move an existing OneNote notebook to SharePoint”

  1. Actually, realised the notebook was saved on a personal onedrive location not desktop so I guess I need to find out how to move from Personal OneDrive to SharePoint

  2. Hi Nate. Does this work if your device is not a desktop. I cannot seem to find the File –> Share –> Other Web Locations –> Browse option with my Windows 10 laptop and unfortunately the screen gifs are a bit too blurry for me to see.

    1. @Gideon I agree. That option is not available using OneNote 2016, at least not where I expect it to be. I can Share with People, Share with Meeting or Move Notebook – the the latter is a lnk to a Microsoft support article decribing how to Move/Copy a Notebook section by section.

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