The “new Outlook” in Outlook O365 looks a lot like personal Outlook online now

When you log into your Outlook online at work next time, you might be prompted to try the “new” Outlook. Here’s what you’ll see if you venture forth.

The first thing I noticed is how the original O365 Outlook looked like this:

But the new Outlook (when toggled on) resembles personal accounts (,, etc.). Notice the change in the left pane, the top nav, and the “new message” and search bar locations.

I love this consistency across experiences and feel this will help users adjust more easily, recognizing a familiar layout across their personal and work accounts.

Two features highlighted in the “welcome tour” once activated include improved search and scheduling (including assistant ability of identifying available times).

The integration of your groups is still there, and you can easily drag your messages to your groups to share with relevant teams (very helpful in reducing data loss or “recovery” that occurs when employees leave a company and a lot of content still lives in their inbox).

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