Solution: “Feature requires a browser that supports ActiveX controls” when importing spreadsheet to SharePoint

If you’re trying to import a spreadsheet as a new list in SharePoint, you’ll need to use a browser that supports ActiveX controls or you’ll get the error:

“This feature requires a browser that supports ActiveX controls.”

Chances are you’re running a browser other than IE, or you’re running IE version 11. ActiveX controls are not supported in IE11, or most browsers. We can work around this error message by having IE pretend it’s version 10 momentarily.

  1. Open SharePoint in Internet Explorer (IE)
    • Quick access: Hit Windows key, type IE, hit enter
  2. Press F12 to open Developer Tools and select the Emulation Tab
  3. Change Document mode from 11 to 10 (supports ActiveX). Page will reload so you can try again in version 10.

Now try to import the spreadsheet again and it will work fine, opening your spreadsheet and prompting you to select the table or relevant data for import.

6 Replies to “Solution: “Feature requires a browser that supports ActiveX controls” when importing spreadsheet to SharePoint”

  1. Originally, there wasn’t a problem with IE11, but then something changed with the default document mode. I’ve had to use the same workaround to move web parts around on a classic web part page. And as far as I know, IE is the only browser you can do that with.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean here as I have been using IE 11 for years now without any issues uploading an Excel list. I know early on I had to add my SP site as a Trusted Site in IE but that was it, has always worked fine.

    1. Uploading is fine, but this refers to the “import spreadsheet” app in which it converts an Excel file to a new SharePoint list.

        1. It could be your ActiveX settings are more permitting than some organizations managed by group policy

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