Disable read receipts and typing indicators in LinkedIn messages

It can be difficult to keep up with all the messages in LinkedIn that come in from colleagues, old friends, recruiters, and bots. Even if you have every intention of replying at a later time, your message buddy can see that you’ve seen their message but chose not to reply immediately. This can add false tension or anxiety to the communication, or just send a signal to the other party that’s unintended such as how you might value that person or their objective. Your message buddy can also tell when you’re typing and may be anxiously awaiting what you have to say even if you change your mind and delete the draft, leaving them hanging.

Let’s reduce some stress and disable read receipts and typing indicators so you can reply when you’re able with the peace of mind that no unintended feelings were conveyed when skimming between meetings. Just keep in mind that if you do this others won’t see that you’ve read their message or a typing indicator when you type AND you won’t be able to see the same from anybody else. Disabling it from applying to you removes your ability to benefit from it applying to others.

How to disable typing indicators and read receipts in LinkedIn messages

1. Go to LinkedIn and log in.

2. Select your profile menu then Settings & Privacy.

3. Select Communications at the top navigation menu.

4. Click Messaging experience on the left.

5. Next to Read receipts and typing indicators, click Change.

6. Toggle the option to the off position. It saves automatically.

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