How to get a Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report

Microsoft Teams has three types of virtual meetings:

  • Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Live Events

Live events already had a nice attendance report (which I assume will be available for webinars as well), but traditional/regular meetings had yet to see a similar feature until now. You could always export attendance during the meeting, but it was a snapshot at that moment and you didn’t capture those who had left early or joined late depending on when you exported it. It also didn’t capture join/leave times.

Now meetings have attendance reports that you can get AFTER the meeting as well. Note that you must be the organizer or co-organizer, and your admin must have enabled this ability. See here for more info.

You can get these attendance reports in a downloadable CSV/Excel format in the meeting chat once the meeting ends (a post with a downloadable report will appear) or from meeting details by simply following these steps after the meeting ends:

  1. Open the meeting/event in Teams to view Meeting Details
  2. Click the Attendance report icon to download the Excel file to your machine’s Downloads folder
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The resulting report will feature these details:

  • Total participants
  • Meeting start/end
  • Attendee name
  • Attendee join/leave times
  • Duration attended
  • Email
  • Role
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You do have a third option if it’s a meeting that you’re the sole organizer of (meaning it’s not a channel/team meeting). For one of your meetings, you can also find attendance by opening the meeting/event details and choosing the Attendance tab at the top. This tab is not available for channel meetings, but does give you a nice view of attendance stats without having to download anything. Check out the video below to see all three methods in action:

6 Replies to “How to get a Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report”

  1. Thank you for the tips here. I have few questions.

    Is there another way to access or download for the Attendance report if it is showing error such as “No attendance report found, Please try again later”. Or there is a cutoff time after which meeting reports are no longer accessible ? I am wondering if there is a possibility I can search for the report separately at Sharepoint or OneDrive?

  2. You can’t access the attendance report if you are a co-organizer unless Microsoft changed something very recently.

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