How to delete and restore files and versions in OneDrive for Business (Video)

You can delete whole files or just specific versions of files in OneDrive for Business. You can also restore those deleted files or specific versions from your OneDrive’s recycle bin.

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You can delete files, folders, and specific versions of files. These can all be restored from your Recycle Bin(s) to their original locations.

To delete a file, select it and hit enter on your keyboard or choose Delete from the file’s menu.

You can delete a specific version of a file by viewing a file’s version history, using the ellipsis menu for the specific version, and choosing Delete. 

To restore a file, visit the Recycle bin (or Second-stage recycle bin), select the file(s) and choose Restore from the ribbon menu.

Items are available in the recycle bin(s) for 93 days from the date of deletion after which they’re permanently deleted. That 93 days is shared between both recycle bins. You can permanently delete items sooner by manually emptying the first- and second-stage recycle bins.

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