How to schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams (Video)

Learn how to schedule Microsoft Teams online meetings.

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You can schedule Microsoft Teams meetings from Outlook or Teams, but by scheduling through Teams your join information, chat, files, whiteboard, attendance, and more are all added to the event details after scheduling, enabling you to prepare dynamic and engaging meeting experiences in advance as well as follow-up with attendees and keep meeting assets organized.

Teams meetings ca be scheduled from the Calendar node, a channel, or a chat. 

  • If scheduled from Calendar or via chat, the invite is sent from your individual calendar and the meeting chat and recording (when applicable) will be in your Chat node – specifically, the thread with the attendee(s).
  • If scheduled from a channel, the invite is sent to the group/team and lives on the group calendar (but still individually invites members). Attendance, recordings, and meeting chat will all be found in the particular channel’s Posts feed as well as in the event details from Calendar.

Be sure to check out Microsoft’s Microsoft Teams Meetings Quick Start Guide for 32 pages of additional information, resources, one-pagers, etc. related to Microsoft Teams meetings.

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One Reply to “How to schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams (Video)”

  1. Hi Nate,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but afaik channel meetings do not send invitations to all members of the channel unless you explicitly invite them.
    You will see the meeting in your callendar as you created it, but it won’t be shown in the channel’s members calendars unless you invite them.
    That’s what happens when testing on my tenant.
    Thank you for the video!

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