MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams Exam Prep Resources

Ready to become a certified Microsoft Teams Administrator? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Steps to getting your Teams Administrator certification

  1. Study for the MS-700 exam
  2. Schedule the MS-700 exam
  3. Pass the MS-700 exam

That’s it! The Teams Administrator certification only takes passing this one exam to obtain. In this post, I’ll share both free and paid resources to help you prepare.

Here are some resources:

Free MS-700 study resources

My MS-700 exam study guide with 168 practice questions

Ready for more? Check out Peter Rising’s and my MS-700 exam guide for in-depth exploration of the latest objectives. I recommend starting out by reviewing the objectives and focusing on your weakest areas.

If you use an exam guide or practice test, you’ll get a realistic idea of the types of questions that will appear on your actual exam. You can also check out some practice questions by watching my DC SP User Group recording where I shared some practice questions during the presentation.

MS-700 exam guide (2nd ed) table of contents

  1. Plan and configure network settings for Microsoft Teams
  2. Identify licensing requirements for Microsoft Teams
  3. Plan and configure security and compliance settings for Microsoft Teams
  4. Plan and implement governance and lifecycle management for Microsoft Teams
  5. Configure and manage external and guest users
  6. Configure and manage Microsoft Teams devices
  7. Creating and managing teams
  8. Plan and manage channels
  9. Manage chat and collaboration experiences
  10. Manage apps for Microsoft Teams
  11. Manage meeting experiences
  12. Manage phone numbers
  13. Manage Phone System for Microsoft Teams
  14. Monitor and report on a Microsoft Teams environment
  15. Troubleshoot audio, video, and client issues
  16. Mock exam
  17. Mock exam answers and explanations
  18. Answers (and explanations) to practice questions

Order our MS-700 exam guide here.

Good luck!

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