PowerPoint 6-Question Quiz Template


Make training more engaging, and improve knowledge retention by including a quiz. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add something simple and fun.

  • Includes download of pptx template
  • 6 demo question slides you can update to suit your needs
  • Use the concept again and again for all your presentations
  • Supports multiple correct answers
  • Includes “prize question” indicator
  • Easy to use and lead.
    • Click a question number
    • Click reveal to show correct answer(s)
    • Click back and repeat
    • When finished, “End game” to see last slide


How to prep

  1. Download
  2. Edit questions and answers (see below if you need to add additional correct answers)
  3. Delete any extra stars (if template had two correct answers, but you just need one)
  4. Delete Prize info if not giving away prizes. You may also wish to ask attendees to write down their answers, and put correct answers into a drawing for those questions.

How to add another correct answer:

  1. Copy a star, and paste
  2. Move next to additional correct answer
  3. In animation pane (Animations from ribbon, then “Animation pane”), change from “Start on click, to start with previous” so all answers are marked simultaneously with a single click

How to use

  1. Start show
  2. Let audience member choose a question number and click that
  3. Either by first hand up, or by writing down answers, let attendees answer
  4. Click “reveal” to show stars/correct answer indicators
  5. Click “Back” to go back to game board
  6. When finished with sixth question, click “Back” then “End Game” to go to last slide.


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