Customize styles/formatting of SharePoint list column header rows

Note: This post applies to on-premise/server lists or O365 lists set to “classic” view. This will not work on modern views.

A little style on column header rows goes a long way. For example, just a background color and font adjustment can take your list from:





Here’s how you can apply your own styles to your list(s).

Create the style

We’re simply going to add a CSS file to your “Site Assets” folder (Settings –> Site Contents –> Site Assets). You can do this any of three different ways:

  • Download, then drag and drop this file into your Site Assets folder within your browser, or
  • Copy and paste the following script into a text file using notepad or a similar simple text editing program and save as “headers.css” (must have the .css extension in file name). Then drag and drop the file into Site Assets.
  • Create a new CSS file within SharePoint Designer and save it to Site Assets as headers.css.

/*Choose your background color*/
/*Choose font style*/
.ms-vh2-nofilter, .ms-vh2, {
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Change the colors and font style as needed and save again.

Add the style to your list(s)

  1. Navigate to the list where you’re adding the style
  2. Edit page
  3. Add a Web Part
  4. Media and Content –> Content Editor –> Add
  5. Edit Web Part
  6. Type “/siteassets/header.css” in the link field
  7. Expand “Appearance” and set Chrome State to “Minimized”  and Chrome Type to “None” then click OK
  8. Stop editing the page

That’s it!

Want to take it a step further? Make your headers float/stick as you scroll!

  1. Here’s how to make sticky/floating headers
  2. Copy the script from this post and paste it at the top of the file you download in the sticky headers tutorial
  3. Search for “background-color: white;” and replace it with the same background color your used in your styling above (#00426A; in my example)
    floating modification
  4. Save your changes to the downloaded file and follow the rest of the steps in the other post. Use the content editor you’ve already added in this post, replacing the /SiteAssets/headers.css line (since we added the script to top of the stickyheaders script) with the /SiteAssets/stickyheaders.js script which includes both.

17 Replies to “Customize styles/formatting of SharePoint list column header rows”

  1. I have SP 2016. I have a list with 10 plus columns for some reason. The styling gets applied to some columns but not others. Any idea on why this is occuring ?

    1. Yes, the classes .ms-vh2-nofilter, .ms-vh2, may not be catching all of yours on the list. You could alter that part of the script to be more inclusive depending on your column types (use F12 to find these classes for each column). Bigger list of classes you may have columns under: .ms-vh,.ms-vh2,.ms-vh-icon,.ms-vh2-nofilter,.ms-vh2-nofilter-icon,.ms-viewheadertr .ms-vh-group,.ms-vh2-nograd,.ms-vh3-nograd,.ms-vh2-nograd-icon,.ms-ph,.ms-pickerresultheadertr

      1. Hi,
        Is there a way to apply a 45° text rotation to the Sharepoint list headers using column formatting (i.e. using JSON and not CSS) ?

        Thank you

  2. When I add the header.css to the Stickyheaders.js and place it in site assests then add content editor to my page pointing to this, it pasts the script in the content editors space. when I just use header.css or the js script it works. but cant have both sticky floating header that has background color? help

  3. When I go to edit the list – after adding this formatting and sticky headers, it converts the font back to grey and small in edit mode. Is there a piece of the script I am missing where I can change that? Ive been reading through that and cant seem to find it.

    1. I noticed this as well myself. I’m looking into this and trying to get exact code to adjust this. I noticed that it reverts the headers here to links. For example, the below code is one such example I found that controlled this and made them white. I’m hoping for our sake MS gave a second reference that doesn’t change links… I’ll update if I find something of more relevance as it also messes with the Left nav if you don’t have a theme set on it…

      a, .ms-link {
      color: white !important;


      1. Lindsay, here’s the reference to use in your CSS. Then you can add whatever changes you need or want accordingly.

        .ms-spGrid-HeaderContentStyle a {


        1. When I added the “headers.css” I does modify the background however the foreground font color and bold only works on the first column in my list. I am using SharePoint Online

  4. Keep up the good work. I’ve been looking for this, but also need to add search/filter on columns. Is that possible out-of-the-box or we need to create a WebPart and Jquery?

  5. I tried the column header background. It worked! But it also knocked out the List Settings toolbar. how do I get that back?

    1. Drag the content editor beneath the list web part when in edit mode. Or drag the list above the content editor. If still having no luck, just click in white space on the list, like next to the list of views, and it should appear.

    1. It is possible for SharePoint Online (O365), and I did this example and screenshots in SharePoint Online (O365). You just have to make sure the list you’re adding it to is in classic view (list settings –> advanced settings –> Display this list using the new or classic experience? –> Classic Experience).

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