What is Microsoft OneDrive for Business? Intro and navigation (Video)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find and navigate Microsoft OneDrive for Business. There are 9 more lessons in this chapter on OneDrive.

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Office.com is an easy site URL to remember that can get you into Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and more quickly. Just access and sign-in with your work or school account from any device.

Your OneDrive is your private document storage and collaboration space in your organization. Everything is private to you until you share it with others, which you can verify using the Sharing column of My Files, or by going to Shared (left nav) and selecting Shared by you.

Anything you see listed under Quick Access is not OneDrive, but shared document libraries that live on SharePoint sites of which you’re a member. You are not the sole owner of these files.

Use the Details pane to find activity history for your entire OneDrive. You can also select a file, then the Details pane (or vice verse), for a file preview, access management, and activity history for that individual file.

Use Search to quickly find content you’re looking for. Just be sure to change the search scope if you want to look exclusively in your OneDrive instead of across all of Microsoft 365 files (which includes all SharePoint sites of which you’re a member).

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