SharePoint Governance Plan Template


A 14-page word document template featuring many ideas/sections for your own governance plan.

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A 14-page word document template featuring the following ideas/sections for your own governance plan:

  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Audience
    • Primary Objectives
    • Scope
    • Definitions & Acronyms
  • History
  • SharePoint Governance Committee
    • Membership
    • Purpose
    • How to get involved
  • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Strategic & Tactical Teams
    • Site Owners/Contacts
    • Governance Hierarchy
  • Equipment & IT Resources
    • Server Information
    • Server Versions
    • Locations
  • Governance & Guidelines
    • Governance Model
    • Default Permissions & Training
    • Site Provisioning
    • Content Creation & Maintenance
  • Design, content and layouts
    • General Guidelines
    • Layouts
    • Iconography
    • Fonts
    • Colors

What’s included?

  • 14-page downloadable governance plan template
  • Unlimited edits, downloads, and prints with attribution.

What is “with attribution?”

By purchasing and receiving unlimited downloads/uses, you’re agreeing not to remove the “” attribution in the footer and claim the bulk of the work as your own.

Appropriate usage

This is not to be posted on an external website or shared publicly in any way. By purchasing, you agree to utilize this template internally within your company or consulting efforts.

  • Does that mean I can share this via email with co-workers?
    • Absolutely – get those gears turning and conversations bubbling about governance.
  • But I can’t send it to my aunt Bertha?
    • Correct. Bertha isn’t on your committee and doesn’t work with you, so no governance for Bertha. You can certainly send her the URL to get her own download though.

Agreeing to appropriate usage is another way of saying “I understand that by sharing this publicly I would be stealing from the author. I’m a good person so I won’t do that.”


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