Add a shortcut to a SharePoint document stored in a different document library (modern)

Note: Applies to SharePoint Online/O365 and modern experiences only.

In SharePoint Server/on-prem, we have to manage content types and allow links to documents before we can link to documents outside the current document library. But in SharePoint Online/O365, there’s a Link option on the New menu that does all the work for us, and without even needing to adjust the library’s content type settings.

Modern experience in SharePoint Online/O365

In a modern-view document library, simply use New > Link.

Then paste a URL to the file, or select it from recent files which, yes, will include files modified even outside the current library.

This will add a link/shortcut within your document library to the document stored/managed elsewhere.

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Classic experience

Check out my post on how to accomplish something similar in classic and on-prem experiences.

New Modern Page Title/Banner Layouts in SharePoint Online/O365

Recently, SharePoint Online/O365 (and soon SP 2019?) released an upgrade to the page title area of modern pages. Previously, the header area of a page was restricted to a banner image and text. Then they released an update that allowed customizing the image. Then removing the image. Now we’ve leaped ahead and you can choose from four layouts:

First edit the modern page and click the “Edit” icon on the title area:

Select a layout & alignment

Image and title


Color block


Add “tag” text above the title

Show published date

Don’t forget to save your changes and publish your page when finished.

The “New item” menu in modern SharePoint document libraries now allows adding templates

I happily stumbled across an update to modern document libraries I hadn’t noticed before. The modern document library “new item” menu now includes an option to “Edit New Menu” which pulls up this pane in-context:


And also includes the ability to upload a new template directly from the menu, rather than through content type settings.


Any new templates added via this method will use the default content type for that library, but provides a way to have multiple templates for a single content type.

How to give SharePoint link lists a professional look out-of-the-box using the icon library

In the modern SharePoint experience, you can clean up ordinary link lists with very little effort, thanks to SharePoint’s icon library.


Whether you need a Teams icon (teams), dog (fangbody), tooth (teeth) or football (football), you can search for icons and use those for adding visual cues and iconography to your sites. Here’s how you can implement this on your page(s):

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