Add a shortcut to a SharePoint document stored in a different document library (modern)

Note: Applies to SharePoint Online/O365 and modern experiences only.

In SharePoint Server/on-prem, we have to manage content types and allow links to documents before we can link to documents outside the current document library. But in SharePoint Online/O365, there’s a Link option on the New menu that does all the work for us, and without even needing to adjust the library’s content type settings.

Modern experience in SharePoint Online/O365

In a modern-view document library, simply use New > Link.

Then paste a URL to the file, or select it from recent files which, yes, will include files modified even outside the current library.

This will add a link/shortcut within your document library to the document stored/managed elsewhere.

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Classic experience

Check out my post on how to accomplish something similar in classic and on-prem experiences.

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