Announcing the return of a classic: The ABCs of SharePoint (2nd Edition)

Back in 2018, when The ABCs of SharePoint made its debut, it wasn’t just presenting information. Picture it as offering an intriguing postcard from the vast territory of SharePoint—a delightful and portable guide for every letter of the alphabet. More than a mere tech book, it crafted a fresh narrative, a playful yet insightful guide that many of you treasured, whether as newcomers or as SharePoint veterans seeking a fun refresher or shelf decoration.

However, the pace of technology is relentless. As SharePoint has evolved and expanded, it’s only right that our trusty ABCs keep up. And this sequel? Well, it’s not only richer in content but also boasts a sleeker design and a more user-friendly layout.

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Introducing, The ABCs of SharePoint (2nd Edition), reimagined to guide you seamlessly from “Accessibility” straight through to the timely topic of “Zoom Out: SharePoint’s Role in Microsoft 365.” And no, this isn’t just a makeover. Each chapter is thoughtfully reconstructed, underscoring SharePoint’s amplified role within Microsoft 365. And trust me, “Zone Templates” from the previous edition just wouldn’t cut it in 2023.

What can you expect?

  • An exploration of site pages, lists, and libraries.
  • Essential tools to elevate your site using web parts, apps, and ingenious yet accessible workflows.
  • A closer look at SharePoint’s harmonious relationship with Teams, Viva apps, and OneDrive.
  • Concise overviews on vital areas such as accessibility, compliance, and governance.

At its heart, The ABCs of SharePoint (2nd Edition) remains true to its essence: it’s less of a prescriptive manual and more of an enchanting journey. With every letter, you’re not just learning; you’re conversing, sparking 26 delightful conversations to be exact. You can call it “26 ways to talk to techies,” if you like.

Keen to deepen your SharePoint vocabulary? Curious what I picked for X? No matter your motivation, delve into this revamped edition, perfect for both your professional growth and as a discerning gift for a colleague.

So, why wait? Dive letter by letter into the expansive world of SharePoint. Order your copy from Amazon now and embark on this reimagined odyssey. Cheers to a fresh adventure and to joyous reading!

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